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  1. This site does not set cookies.

  2. Third parties services are provided by Google, Flickr, Cookie Consent, and

    • does not set cookies.

    • Google Custom Search, Google Forms, Google My Maps, and Flickr may set cookies. Refrain from using our site or disable cookies in the web browser if you desire to prevent that activity.

    • Ironically, the Cookie Consent notification software must also set a cookie on the computer to record that acknowledgement has been made to the alert that the site uses cookies. If browser cache is cleared, then the notice will appear again.

  3. If your web browser settings are configured to accept cookies and our site is accessed, this is taken as your consent to this activity.

  4. To disable cookies, consult the applicable vendor documentation for instructions.

  5. Google and Flickr functionality might be impacted if cookies are not stored.

Privacy Policy
  1. This site does not collect personally identifiable information without voluntary consent.

  2. The Contact page Google Form records name, email, optional phone number, and message when voluntarily submitted. The data is used to reply to questions or comments. No agreement exists with Google to share personal information about site users.

  3. This site uses the following services to improve content for our users: Google Custom Search, Google Forms, Google My Maps, and Flickr.

    • The configurations of these services have not been customized nor does this site have an affiliation or agreement to share data with any of the companies.

    •, the hosting company, creates log files of web server activity.

    • This data is used to identify issues and provide visibility into visitors to the site. The free web-analysis software, AWStats, parses the web server log files and creates summaries of user activity. Report access is controlled by username and password and is limited to the webmaster. No data is transmitted to third party servers by AWStats. Visitors on our website agree to the use of AWStats software. The data is not processed to identify the visitor. By using this website, you consent to processing this data in the manner and for the purposes set out above.

  4. The following information is logged:

    • When
      Time and duration of visit

    • Who
      IP address used to identity country

    • What
      Pages accessed
      Number of visits
      Amount of bandwidth
      Operating system
      » Origin of visit
      » Link accessed or search engine
      » Search keyword used